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Osiris Communications has consistently provided over 99.998% uptime to our cloud hosting, colocation, and managed services customers since 1997.  Partnering with the leader of route-optimized internet bandwidth, Internap provides the primary Internet bandwidth delivering the most reliable and efficient service with the fastest response times to navigate around worldwide network congestion.

The foundation of our mission critical network is supported by Cisco Systems’ routers and switches while our connectivity is provided through our peering relationships with some of the largest IP backbones in North America, including MCI/Verizon, AT&T, Level 3 Communications, Sprint, NTT Verio, Cable & Wireless, Global Crossing, and others. With conventional business Internet services, you’re only getting ideal performance a fraction of the time. Internap’s exclusive Private Network Access Point (P-NAP®) architecture harnesses the power of multiple Internet service providers to deliver optimized, reliable and predictable performance at competitive price levels. And only Internap offers the Internet latency solution, Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ (MIRO), which is their patented optimization software solution that leverages the diversity of our P-NAP architecture to find and use the best routes through the Internet.​

Other Providers

Service Providers

Single Backbone


Problems on the backbone or connections to other carriers will affect your traffic and overall availability.


Performance is only guaranteed while your traffic is on the carrier’s network. Transmissions frequently traverse at least two networks (often more) between you and the final desitination.

Osiris (Powered by Internap)

Service Providers

Leveraging up to 11 major carriers simultaneously


Internap can route around issues on any carrier to ensure network availability.


By monitoring performance over all available carriers and actively managing our routes, Internap traffic is always sent over the best performing network at any given time.

Hosting Services

Our business-class hosting plans are feature-packed with the products, services and personal support you deserve. Upgrade to VPS or eCommerce when your business needs increase. Migrate your existing site or build one quickly with our Website Builder. Upgrade to VPS or eCommerce when your business needs increase.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer the control of a dedicated server with the affordability of traditional shared hosting. A typical dedicated server runs idle 85% of the time; avoid the price premium. VPS solutions are environmentally and economically friendly.


Our fully managed servers and support go beyond the normal plans that just give you hardware. Get full access to your data and any specialized access rights required. We take full responsibility for the O/S, all installed applications, security patches, service packs, server hardware, power, cooling, switches, routers and bandwidth.


Registering your domain is the first step in developing your online presence. Secure your online business address before someone else does. Domain forwarding, domain locking, private domain registration or complete DNS management. Upgrade to a Web hosting plan at any time.



Increase your business’s efficiency with Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 and 2016. It includes many new features to help your employees boost their productivity by offering a consistent inbox, calendaring and contacts experience across the PC, browser and mobile phone.


Since 1997, Osiris Communications has been providing high-quality colocation services.  Multi-pathed, high capacity bandwidth, 24/7 facility monitoring, flexible IP address assignment, and technical support upon request. Our Tier 1 data center provides HVAC environmental systems, digital surveillance, stringent security, conditioned uninterruptible power, multiple access levels, including escorted guards, and biometric scanners.