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Do I need a domain name?

Do I need a domain name?
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Do I need a domain name?

Every business, blog, social media presence should have their own domain name. Having your own domain name is a key part of your marketing strategy. It is a common point on the internet to link to and from all your business and social media handles. When you perform an internet search for an item or person, websites get pulled up before social media handles. 

Get a domain name and make it easier for people and customers to find you.

7 Tips For Choosing Your Domain Name

1. Easy to type / Easy to remember

How many times have you told someone about a website? Possibly several times and usually they are easy to remember and easy to type in with out having to look up how the domain name is spelled. This is the goal for your own website domain name. Make it easy to remember, so that it spreads via word of mouth. Make it easy to type in so new visitors can find your website easily. I’m saying the word easy a lot, and that is because if it is not easy, new visitors will be discouraged and go somewhere else. We can make the comparison to a Brick & Motor store, if it is not easy to find, chances are less people will visit it. Also, domain names are not case sensitive, so you do not need to worry about someone typing it in with or without uppercase/lowercase letters.

2. Keep it simple

The more clever or cutesy you try to be, the more difficult it is for people to remember the correct spelling of your domain name. The goal is to keep it simple, short and to the point. Avoid having plurals, numbers or hyphens as they might confuse a potential customer when they go to type in your domain name into their web browser. While the maximum amount of characters for a domain name is 67, you do not need to use all 67 characters. A long domain name can be hard to remember.

3. Specific & Relevant to your Brand

If you are already selling a product or a service you are already creating a brand for your company. Begin brainstorming your domain name with that brand, use your top 5-10 keywords and start mixing words together to create your domain name. Your brand might be your domain name or you might need to think a bit more long term about your domain name. This is the face of your business, it represents you. For example, if you sell cupcakes now, but are thinking about adding more baked products to your store then a cupcake name might be too specific for your domain name. Consider how your domain name will represent your company, your brand long term in the future.

4. Avoid Copyright Infringement

Ok, so you have a domain name picked out, but don’t rush to buy it just yet. You still need to check for any possible copyright infringement issues first. Checking for copyright infringement issues first might help you to avoid any possible legal situations regarding your domain name. Simply go to information regarding copyrights and to search your chosen domain name for any possible conflicts.

5. Domain name extensions

As large as the Internet has gotten there are still many people who assume that there is only one extension out there, the .com extension. In reality there are several extensions available for purchase, such as .net, .info, and .org to name a few. If a person goes to their web browser and types in my domain and clicks enter, the browser defaults to the .com extension, so it is highly recommended that you register your domain name with the .com extension. If you worry about your competition purchasing your domain name with the other extensions, then you should also purchase them first. You only need to have one website for your main domain name, you can have the other registered domain names point to the domain name connected to your website.

6. Creating Expectations

Your domain name creates expectations for the person who types it in, hears it from someone else, or searches for it on the web. It is the first impression that a potential customer has of your company, your brand. The goal is to make the best first impression possible, so remember all the tips mentioned above to help you reach that goal. A great domain name will set an expectation, a fantastic website will back up and reinforce that expectation for the user.

7. Auto-Renew your domain name registration

It has happened on more that one occasion that someone has forgotten to renew their domain name registration. Don’t let that happen to you. Talk to your domain name register Osiris Communications to find out about Auto-Renew. Once a domain name expires there is a process it goes through before it is available for purchase again. To find out more about the different registration phases a domain name goes through, check out my article: What does the status code for my domain name mean?

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