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SEO – Search Engine Optimization: The architecture of your website.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: The architecture of your website.
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SEO – Search Engine Optimization: The architecture of your website.

You are the architecture, the designer, the builder of your website, so you decide how it looks, and feels for your users. This is the impression your website leaves upon the user while they are interacting with your website.

Keep It Simple. Think about it before you create it. Draw a sketch on a piece of paper to get the overall look laid out before you begin to build it. Think about how your are going to catch the users attention and get them engaged and interacting with your site. Too many ads or gimmicks may deter users and drive them away from your website rather than catch their attention.

Items to consider when designing and creating content for your website:

  • Easy to use menu
    • Avoid using lots of drop-down menus, or giving to many options to choose from
    • Customers are looking to find the information easily and quickly, they do not want to have to search for it
  • Have a sitemap
    • This allows search engines to crawl and index your website, increasing the chances that your pages will show up in search results
  • No duplicate pages
    • Eliminate duplicate content. Your website does not need to be large, just needs to be informative.
  • Content
    • Headings – tell about the content
    • Sub-headings – tell about more information to come
  • Eye catching look
    • Bullet point list
    • Graphics and images to break up written content
  • Descriptive URL’s
    • The text in a URL should be used to describe the page it represents. Users will read the URL and use it to help determine if that is a page they should visit. Even search engines read the text in URL’s, so be short, descriptive and precise in your wording. Take a look at this example:
      • Non-descriptive URL:
      • Descriptive URL:
    • By using specific wording in your URL, you are telling your customers exactly what is on the page. You are telling search engines what is on the page. This helps you attract and keep potential customers on your website.

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