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SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Where to begin?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Where to begin?
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SEO – Search Engine Optimization: Where to begin?

If you’re like me I had no idea where to start. What does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) even mean? SEO is the steps you take with your website to gain a better search engine ranking.  I’ve heard the buzzwords and all the talk about having keywords, Meta tags and good URL’s, but where do I begin? In a nut shell, if you focus on the qualityof your website then your search results will improve.

  1. Do your research You need to do your research and create a list of keywords that represents your website. You might begin by looking at your competitor’s websites to figure out which keywords they are using. Then create a list of general and specific keywords that are relevant to the content on your website. Don’t forget to look beyond the home page of your website. At a minimum you should create a list of keywords for each main page of your website, if not all the pages of your website as topics may differ and be more specific or general on different pages.
  2. Create quality content Yes, you may already have content for your website, but is the quality of the content going to catch the readers attention and keep them looking at your website or are they going to move on to someone else’s site? Does your content contain some of your keywords in it? If not, you may consider rewriting it. Keep in mind that it is vitally important to write quality content for the users of your website that will keep them engaged. Your goal is to have the users of your website click through to different pages on your website rather than go somewhere else.
  3. Update constantly Don’t become lazy about updating your website’s content. Periodically you need to research and refresh your keyword list and the content on your website. Keeping your content up to date will help keep your customers engaged.

Now I know I did not talk much about SEO, but your website is your number one step to reaching a higher ranking on search engines. You can try all the tips and tricks in the book to increase your search engine ranking, but if the quality of your website is lacking it actually hurts your ranking. So focus on your website first, making it a quality site that your users will want to return to, link to and talk about.

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