Printable Feature List ShopSite® 12 Feature Checklist

Store Building Tools

  Starter Manager Pro
Browser-based Interface        
Store Setup Wizard        
Basic/Advanced Editing        
Context-Sensitive Help        
Full Control Over Store Look-and-Feel        
Unrestricted Number of Products and Pages        
More Information Pages        
Multiple Image and Thumbnail Support        
Search Engine Friendly HTML Pages Improved in 12      
Automatic Multiple Page Generation        
Automatic Mobile Pages Generation        
Page Preview        
Commerce-Enable Existing Web Sites        
HTML Editor        
Global Layout Customization        
Works With Any Web Editing Tools        
Store Layout Themes Improved in 12      
Flexible Store Templates        
Custom Template Upload and Edit        
Copy Pages and Products        
Custom Page Extensions        
Advanced Image Handling Improved in 12      
Image Resize        
Automatic Thumbnail Creation        
Visual Color Selection Tool        
Customize Store Text        
Doba Drop Shipping Service        

Catalog Management

  Starter Manager Pro
Data Import Wizard (bulk upload)        
Products & Pages XML Upload/Download Improved in 12      
Global PowerEdit        
Searchable Products Database        
Searchable Pages Database        
Media Library Manager        

Business Tools

  Starter Manager Pro
Order Download into QuickBooks (tab-delimited)        
Notes on Orders        
Merchant "Comment" field passed to cart ShopSite 12      
Tracking Number can be added to orders ShopSite 12      
Automatic Order Download in XML format        
Searchable Orders Database Improved in v12      
Store Statistics        
Google Analytics Integration Improved in 12      
Packing Slips        
Barcode Scanner Support        
Inventory Tracking Improved in 12      
Page and Product Defaults        
Collapsible Page and Product Fields        
Secure Order Management        
Mobile Support        
Display StoreID in Back Office        
Backoffice Navigation        

Security / Reliability / Efficiency

  Starter Manager Pro
Remote Orders Database        
PABP/PCI-DSS Certification        
User Accounts        
User Account Roles        
Page and Product Databases in SQL        
SQLite Backend        
Written In Fast, Compiled C Code        
Orders Stored Encrypted On Server        
Order System Tracking        
Merchant Security Status Indicator        
High Security Image        
CVV2 Fraud Protection        
PayPal, & WorldPay Fraud Protection        
Verified By Visa for PayFlow Pro        
PayFlow Pro Fraud Control        
Human Order Validation        
Option to not store Credit Card numbers        
Does Not Require Cookies*        
Database Management        
Easily Upgradeable        

Customer Service Tools

  Starter Manager Pro
Customer Registration        
Merchant Notification of Orders Improved in 12      
Automatic Customer Receipts        
HTML Customer Receipts        

Shopping Cart Features

  Starter Manager Pro
Order Total on First Cart Page        
Secure Order Capture        
Real-time credit card processing        
Product Images in Shopping Cart        
Minimum Order Value        
Minimum Per-Product Order Quantity        
Shopping Cart Templates        
Order Confirmation Page        
Optional/Required Address Fields        
E-mail Address Validation        
Freeze Order Options In Shopping Cart        
Separate Shipping and Billing Addresses        
Ship Only to Billing Address        
Custom Checkout Fields        
Cart Info as JavaScript Variables        
Merchant Check-out Javascript        
Mini Cart on Store Pages        


  Starter Manager Pro
Plugin for WordPress Integration        
Product Cross-sell in Shopping Cart        
Product Cross-sell on More Info Pages        
Global Cross-sell in Shopping Cart        
Global Cross-sell on Store Pages        
Shopper-facing Inventory Tracking        
Facebook Store        
eBay Turbo Lister Support        
Google Sitemaps        
Follow On Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest        
Share On Facebook/Twitter/Google +1/Pinterest        
Customer Reward Program        
Share With Friends        
Product Disabling        
Gift Certificates        
Customer Registration        
Facebook Connect with Customer Registration        
Upload/Download Registered Customers        
Digital Coupons        
Free Shipping Coupon        
Digital Downloads/Digital Products        
Variable Pricing        
Opt-In E-Mail Marketing        
Constant Contact        
Flexible Product Placement        
Associate/Affiliate Tracking        
Store Search Logging        
Wishlist Improved in 12      
Shopper Product Reviews        
Put Products On Sale        
Product Quantity Discounts        
Order Discounts        
Unlimited Product Options        
Per-option Pricing        
OrderAnywhere by SKU        
OrderAnywhere in an IFrame        
Meta Tag Editing        
All Catalog Pages Indexable By Search Engines        

Commerce Tools

  Starter Manager Pro
Dual Currency Support        
Configurable Payment Types        
Real-time credit card processing        
PayPal Payments Standard        
PayPal Payments Advanced ShopSite 12      
PayPal Payments Pro        
PayPal Payflow Link ShopSite 12      
PayPal Express Checkout        
Checkout by Amazon        
Braintree Payment Gateway        
ACH Direct PaymentsGateway        
NetBanx Payment Method        
PSiGate Payment Method        
Accept eCheck Payments        
Accept Check Payments        
WorldPay Payment Method        
YourPay Payment Method        
First Data E4 Payment Method ShopSite 12      
xDSpot Payment Method ShopSite 12      
Authorize.Net Gateway Emulation        
Recurring Billing with Authorize.Net        
Flexible Shipping and Handling Options        
buySAFE Bonding        
Merchant Alerts        
Real-time USPS Shipping Quotes Improved in v12      
Real-time FedEx Shipping Quotes Improved in v12      
Real-time UPS Rates and Services Improved in v12      
Real-time UPS Address Validation        
Canada Post ShopSite 12      
Australia Post ShopSite 12      
Global Shopex International Shipping        
Free Shipping        
Product and Order Handling Charges        
Incomplete Form Highlighting in the Shopping Cart        
Selectable Surcharges        
Flexible Tax Options        
Avalara Avatax Integration        
Value Added Tax (VAT/GST)        
ZIP/Postal Code-Based Tax Calculation        

Advanced Developer Tools

  Starter Manager Pro
Page and Product Templates        
Shopping Cart Templates        
Search Results Templates        
Customer Registration Templates        
Gift Certificate Templates        
Configuration and Database Files Export        
Publish Auxiliary Files        
Custom Page Extensions**        
Inventory Tracking API        
Custom Shipping API        
Order API        
XML Upload/Download API        
XML Order Download API        
Custom Checkout Fields        
Configurable Extra Page Fields        
Configurable Extra Product Fields Improved in 12      

Client-Side Applications

  Starter Manager Pro
Order Transfer into QuickBooks        

ShopSite® Shopping Cart Software features are listed above by category. To the right, you can find out which service level includes the features you need. You can click on a feature name to learn more about that feature.


* Customers do not need cookies enabled to make purchases in a ShopSite store. Some advanced features such as customer registration and the minicart require cookies in order to function properly.

*** ShopSite does not place any restrictions on the number of products or pages you can have in your store. The actual number of products and pages your store can effectively handle is influenced by the resources available on your server.