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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates
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SSL Certificates

SSL Certificate – do you need one?


All information traveling on the internet goes between computers and servers. If your information is not encrypted then it is at risk of being stolen. An SSL certificate is the encryption you need to ensure your information and your customer information is secure.

Often when customers click a link to a site from a search engine, a WARNING pops up saying the site is not secure, do you want to proceed? Who wants to go to an unsecured site? No one does. Protect your site and your customers by having an SSL Certificate.

When you use an SSL certificate to encrypt data you are providing customers a safe and secure place to do business on the Internet. It increases brand recognition and demonstrates that your website is legitimate and you take customer information security seriously.


Different levels of SSL Certificate protection:

  1. Domain Validation
    1. Does not require vetting other than you are who owns the domain. This is perfect for websites where NO personal or financial information is share.
  2. Extend Validation
    1. This certificate requires vetting. It authenticates your organization, and provides a green address bar to indicate to customers your site is encrypted.
  3. Organization Validation
    1. This certificate requires vetting of the organization. It verifies that you and your organization are real. Perfect for small e-commerce sites.


Purchase your SSL Certificate today!

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