Reporting Spam to Osiris

How do I submit a spam sample to improve my spam filter?

The easiest way is to download our Report Spam Plug-in for Outlook and you can just click a button in the rare instance any spam leaks through. You won't need it often, but it makes your users feel good to be involved in the process of eliminating spam!

> Click here to install the Report Spam Plug-in for Outlook.

Only samples sent as RFC-2822 attachments can be processed; samples in other formats will not be processed. Email spam samples to: Spam samples sent to as RFC-2822 attachments will be automatically processed by EdgeWave's spam reviewing team. You won't receive any feedback for emails sent to, but rest assured we will evaluate them to make our filtering as accurate as possible.

From Microsoft Outlook
  1. Create a new email message
  2. Address it to:
  3. Click on the 'Attach Item' button, select one or more mail items.
  4. Click OK, or drag and drop the selected item(s) into the new email.
  5. Send the email
From Mozilla Thunderbird
  1. Select the sample
  2. From the toolbar choose Message > Forward > Attachment
  3. Address it to:
  4. Send the email

From other email clients
With other email clients, use the option 'Forward As Attachment'. You should discuss this with Osiris SpamGuard support before sending in a sample in this way.

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